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Seventh IMB Report - May 2013


This close Wild polio in the three endemic countires Most recent cases in:
Endemic hard core remains Africa - vulnerable to polio importation
Polio eradication system
Staffing of headquarters TAGs in the endemic countries Reactive to proactive
Transformation 1 - 5 Transformation 6 - 10


Sixth IMB Report - October 2012
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Figure 1- Polio's last stand? 
Figure 2- Measuring success     Figure 3- A warning from History
Figure 4- Polio is cornered    Figure 5- The hardcore challenge
Figure 6- The hard truth
Figure 7- Polio can ebb and flow  Figure 8- Below the radar Figure 9- Nigerian polio cases geographically concentrated
Figure 10- Funding for social mobilization in Nigeria

Fifth IMB Report - June 2012

Fifth IMB Report - Cover page
Global situation - 01.01- 02.05 2011 and 2012 comparison
Endangered campaigns
in Africa
Global scale of cancelled campaigns in 2012
Global situation - 01.01-02.05 2011 and 2012 comparison
The Never Children