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      Meeting presentations
          1. Progress made against IMB April 2011 recommendations and strategic & operational priorities through end-2011 (WHO)
          2. Report against Strategic plan milestones (WHO)
          3. Report against strategic plan major preocess indicators (CDC)
          4. Areas of excellence and areas of concern in social mobilisation and communications (UNICEF)
          5. Front-line perspectives on best practices in polio eradication(Rotary International)
       Agenda (at 23 June 2011)
       List of documents for meeting participants
       List of participants (at 29 June 2011)
       Pre-meeting resources
          Overall update reports from GPEI partners
        1. Report: Second meeting of the GPEI Indepent Monitoring Board in April 2011
a. Report from Spearheading Partners on the status of implementation of recommendations made at the 2nd Meeting of the IMB
b.Strategic approach on scaling-up eradication efforts in 2011 in countries with re-established transmission of wild poliovirus
        3. GPEI Annual Report 2010
Progress towards interrupting wild poliovirus transmission worldwide: January 2010-March 2011 (WER 86, 2011, pp 199-204) 
        5.  Global Polio Eradication Update: Weekly slides (as of 22 June 2011) 
        6.  Global Polio Eradication Update: Monthly slides (as of 15 June 2011) 
        7.  GPEI Financial Resource Requirements 2011-2012 (As of 01 April 2011) 
        8. GPEI Quarterly Monitoring of Strategic Plan Milestones (data as of 14 June, 2011) 

a. CDC Quarterly Progress Report on the GPEI Strategis Plan Process Indicators 2010-2011 
b. Country profile supplement to the CDC assessment of risks to the to the GPEI Strategic Plan 2010-2012
        10. CDC Assessment of Risks to the GPEI Strategic Plan 2010-2012 
        Country discussion  
        1. Angola: Country Report 
Angola: TAG Report (7th Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Polio Eradication in Angola, Congo, DRC, Namibia and Zambia) 
        3. Chad: Country Report 2.3a. Rapport du pays
Plan d'urgence pour l'interruption de la circulation du poliovirus sauvage au Tchad (in French)
        5. Chad: Emergency plan of action
        6.  Chad: TAG meeting report 
        7. a.Democratic Republic of the Congo: Country Report 
b.République démocratique du Congo: Rapport du pays
Democratic Republic of the Congo: (7th Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Polio Eradication in Angola, Congo, DRC, Namibia and Zambia)
Plan d'urgence pour l'interruption de la circulation des PVS en RDC en 2011
        10. Afghanistan: Country Report / Presentation 
        11. Pakistan: Country report 
Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Poliomyelitis Eradication in Afghanistan and Pakistan, 24-25 March 2010 
        13. EMR Regional TAG - recent meeting, draft report not available yet
        14. India: Country Report 
        15.  Nigeria: Country Report 
        16. Nigeria: Emergency Action Plan, May-December 2011 
        Other background documents
Technical Advisory Group on Polio Eradication in the Horn of Africa, 6th Meeting Report
Monitoring progress towards global Polio Eradication Poliovirus surveillance 2009-2010 (WER 86, 2011, pp 153-160)
        3. 2011 Edition of International Travel and Health - Section on polio vaccination
Outbreak of Poliomyelitis, Republic of the Congo, September 2010 - February 2011 (WER 86, 2011, pp 141-142) 
a. West Africa AFP surveillance desk review, February 2011 
b. Details of 2011 Mali, CIV outbreaks 
c. SIAs in W. Africa using type 3 OPV since 2005 
          6. a. WHO personnel report: HQ Country Support Group 
b. POL Technical Assistance
c. AFR IVD HR Infrastructure survey
d. WHO: Long term HR plan (Region, Country)
          7. Rotary International: Personnel related to the GPEI 

a. Polio Communications quarterly update
b. Personnel Report 
CDC: Personnel Report