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ACPE Advisory Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication

AD Auto-disable syringe

AE Adverse event

AEFI Adverse event following immunization

AER Adverse event report

AFP Acute flaccid paralysis

AFR WHO African Region

AMR WHO Region of the Americas

ARDS Adult respiratory distress syndrome

aVDPV Ambiguous vaccine-derived poliovirus

BAG Biosafety Advisory Group

BSL Biological safety level

CDC US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CRF Case report form

cVDPV Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus

DSMB Data safety monitoring board

DTP Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine

EB Executive Board to the World Health Assembly

ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

EMR WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region

EPI Expanded Programme on Immunization

ERC WHO Research Ethics Review Committee

EUR WHO European Region

GAPIII Third edition of the Global Action Plan to minimize post eradication poliovirus facility-associated risk

GCC Global Commission for the Certification of the Eradication of Poliomyelitis

GCP Good clinical practice

GFIMS Global Framework for Immunization Monitoring and Surveillance

GIVS Global Immunization Vision and Strategy

GPEI Global Polio Eradication Initiative

GPLN Global Polio Laboratory Network

IB Investigator's brochure

ICC Interagency coordinating committee

ICST Inter-country support team

IEC Independent ethics committee

IHR (2005) International Health Regulations (2005)

IMB Independent Monitoring Board

IPV Inactivated poliovirus vaccine

IRB Institutional review board

ITD Intra-typic differentiation

IV Intra-venous

IVB WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

IVR Initiative for Vaccine Research

iVDPV Immunodeficiency-associated vaccine-derived poliovirus

mOPV1 Monovalent oral poliovirus vaccine type 1

mOPV2 Monovalent oral poliovirus vaccine type 2

mOPV3 Monovalent oral poliovirus vaccine type 3

NCC National Certification Committee

NCL National control laboratory

NID National Immunization Day

NPAFP Non-polio acute flaccid paralysis

NPEV Non-polio enterovirus

NPSP National Polio Surveillance Project ( India )

NRA National Regulatory Authority

NSL Non Sabin-like

OPV Oral poliovirus vaccine

PI Principal investigator

QA Quality assurance

QC Quality control

RCC Regional Certification Committee

SAE Severe (or serious) adverse event

SEAR WHO South- East Asia Region

SIA Supplementary Immunization Activity

sIPV Sabin IPV

SAGE Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization

SL Sabin-like

SNID Subnational Immunization Day

SOP Standard operating procedures

TAG Technical Advisory Group

tOPV Trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine

UN United Nations

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund

UTI Urinary tract infection

VAPP Vaccine-associated paralytic polio

VDPV Vaccine-derived poliovirus

VPD Vaccine-preventable disease

WHA World Health Assembly

WHO World Health Organization

WPR WHO Western Pacific Region

WPV Wild poliovirus