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Status: imported poliovirus

Kenya is one of the countries in the “wild poliovirus importation belt” – a band of countries stretching from west Africa to central Africa and the Horn of Africa, which are recurrently re-infected with imported poliovirus. The immediate priority is to stop all active outbreaks using mop-up campaigns with oral polio vaccine in the infected areas, combined with a series of large-scale, synchronized supplementary immunization activities across most of the “importation belt” countries to protect against further importations.

Strategic Action Plan for the Polio Outbreak Response in the Horn of Africa [pdf]


Polio campaign monitoring in Kenya


Polio this week in Kenya

  • No new WPV1 cases were reported in the past week. Five cases have been reported in the Horn of Africa to date in 2014: one WPV1 in Ethiopia (14 January) and four WPV1s in Somalia (the most recent on 3 June in Mudug, Puntland.
  • The most recent SIAs took place in accessible districts of Somalia on 15-18 June, except for Puntland (which includes Mudug), which followed on 21-24 June. A Short Interval Additional Dose (SIAD) campaign took place on 5-9 July, and this activity is followed by a further campaign this week (20-25 July).
  • Outbreak response campaigns in other areas across the Horn of Africa is continuing.