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Status: imported poliovirus

In January 2006, Niger was taken off the endemic country list, having successfully interrupted indigenous wild poliovirus transmission for a period of 12 months. Since that time, Niger has been subject to repeated polio importations, due to its proximity to northern Nigeria. In all instances, adherence to international outbreak response has prevented imported polioviruses from re-establishing themselves. The dramatic decrease in new cases in northern Nigeria in 2010 has had secondary benefits for Niger, as exposure to imported viruses has decreased. Nevertheless, cases have been reported in 2010. Niger will continue to be at particular risk of re-infection until all indigenous wild poliovirus transmission has been interrupted in Nigeria.


Polio campaign monitoring


Polio this week in West Africa

  • No new WPV cases were reported in the past week. The most recent case in the region was due to WPV1 from Tahoua province in Niger with onset of paralysis on 15 November 2012.
  • No new cVDPV2 cases were reported in the past week from Niger. The country has reported a single case of cVDPV2 in 2013, with onset of paralysis on 11 July. Genetic sequencing has shown that the virus is related to that seen in Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria (Borno).
  • National campaigns were conducted in West Africa 22-25 November 2013. Further national campaigns are planned for April and May (multi-country).