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Status: non-endemic

India has not had a case of wild poliovirus nor detected the virus in sewage sampling since 13 January 2011 and is considered to have interrupted transmission of indigenous wild poliovirus. The country has an aggressive agenda to strengthen routine immunization and maintain supplementary activities in order to maintain high immunity. In addition, sensitive surveillance and emergency response plans are in place in every state to detect and swiftly respond to importations.


A Year Without Polio

  • India’s last case was reported in West Bengal on 13 January 2011. The victim, an 18-month-old girl named Rukhsar from Howrah district, was infected with type-1 poliovirus.
  • India had traditionally been considered one of the toughest places in the world to eradicate polio. In 2009, India reported 741 polio cases, more than any other country in the world.
  • Each national immunization day involved:
    • 225,000,000 doses of polio vaccine
    • 172,000,000 children vaccinated
    • 2,500,000 vaccinators
    • 2,000,000 vaccine carriers
    • 155,000 supervisors

  • This mobilization was supported by innovative approaches including targeting families on trains and trekking by foot to immunize India’s most mobile and remote populations as well as working with religious leaders in Muslim communities to urge parents to immunize their children.
  • India facts [pdf]
  • A year without polio in India: how it happened [pdf]