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Polio Public Health Emergency:

Temporary Recommendations to Reduce International Spread of Poliovirus

On 5 May 2014 the Director-General declared the international spread of wild poliovirus in 2014 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) under the International Health Regulations [IHR 2005], issued Temporary Recommendations to reduce the international spread of wild poliovirus, and requested a reassessment of this situation by the Emergency Committee in 3 months. The 2nd meeting of the Emergency Committee was held by teleconference on Thursday 31 July 2014.

Based on the committee’s advice and the reports made by affected States Parties, the Director-General extended the following Temporary Recommendations under the IHR (2005), effective 3 August 2014. 

At a glance

 Exporting countries*   Recommendations
 Equatorial Guinea   Countries which are currently exporting wild poliovirus should ensure that all residents and long-term visitors (of over 4 weeks) receive a dose of oral polio vaccine (OPV) or inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) between 4 weeks and 12 months before international travel; and should ensure that such travellers are provided with proof of vaccination.

Full recommendations
 Other polio-affected countries*   Recommendations
 Afghanistan   Other polio-affected countries are encouraged to vaccinate residents and long-term visitors before international travel.

Full recommendations

 * These recommendations came into effect from 3 August 2014 and will be reviewed in 3 months

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Polio-free countries
While there are no specific IHR Temporary Recommendations for travellers from polio free countries, those travelling to polio-affected countries are advised to consult International Travel and Health


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