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Post-eradication policy

Global post-eradication IPV supply and demand assessment: integrated findings

Commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, prepared by Oliver Wyman Inc

March 2009

Cessation of routine OPV use after global polio eradication 
| French 

Framework for national policy makers in OPV-using countries


GAPIII - WHO global action plan to minimize poliovirus facility-associated risk after type-specific eradication of wild polioviruses and sequential cessation of OPV use.

Edited version, posted in March 2016.

Plan d’action mondial de l’OMS pour le confinement des poliovirus (French translation of GAPIII)

Глобальный план действий ВОЗ (Russian translation of GAP III)

Plan de acción mundial de la OMS (Spanish translation of GAP III)