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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wild poliovirus in Somalia

Emergency response aims to reach 350,000 children

<P><EM>Emergency response aims to reach 350,000 children</EM></P>


Christine McNab

Emergency outbreak response has started on 14 May to a case of wild poliovirus in Somalia. Given that large parts of central and southern Somalia have not conducted vaccination activities since 2009, the appearance of wild poliovirus in a poorly-immunized population could ignite an outbreak within and beyond Somalia. 

This first response campaign aims to reach more than 350,000 children in all the 16 districts of Banadir region, which includes the capital city of Mogadishu.



Disease Outbreak News on polio in Somalia 
WHO’s International Travel and Health [pdf] recommends that all travellers to and from polio-infected areas be fully vaccinated against polio.