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Polio eradication this week:

  • In June an outbreak response assessment took place in the Horn of Africa. The team concluded that transmission in Kenya and Ethiopia has been interrupted, however, undetected low level transmission cannot be ruled out in Somalia. They outlined key measures to continue to strengthen immunity and surveillance, and to put risk mitigation plans in place. 
  • Five cases of circulating vaccine derived poliovirus type 1 (cVDPV1) have been reported in Madagascar, with dates of onset of paralysis in April and May 2015. These cases are genetically linked to that from September 2014, indicating prolonged and widespread circulation of cVDPV1. The emergency outbreak response is now being intensified to build immunity against the virus in the country, as 25 % of children across Madagascar remain un- or under- immunized.


Key publications



  • Polio eradication report to the 68th World Health Assembly (May 2015) [pdf]  English | Français |

     Final Resolution adopted by WHA.

     WHA68.3 عربي ¦ 中文 ¦ English ¦ Français ¦ Русский ¦ Español 












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