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Applicants may search for vacancies related to polio eradication at the employment sites of the following spearheading partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, using the keyword "polio" in their search. 




Summer internship 2014


The Global Polio Eradication Initiative of the World Health Organization is currently accepting applications from students and recent graduates interested in spring/summer internships in 2014.

The deadline for submission is 15 April 2014.

Available Internships

Research and Product Development (RAP) Team:
The Polio Research, Policy and Product Development Team (RAP) implements a research agenda in support of both accelerating eradication as well as understanding, reducing, and managing the risks of polio for the post-eradication era. RAP equips the Global Polio Eradication Initiative with the essential tools and information to improve immunogenicity, close susceptibility gaps and strengthen surveillance.

Position: Virus Like Particle (VLP) for poliovirus vaccine
VLPs are stabilized virus capsids, which are antigenic but not capable of replication. Two vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV) which use VLPs to generate capsid-specific neutralizing antibodies are already available. WHO has launched a collaboration to develop VLP for poliovirus vaccine in 2011.

The intern would review literature and recommend steps to further develop VLP for poliovirus vaccine. Specifically, the intern is responsible for:
• Reviewing and summarizing the literature on VLP development and optimization for other vaccines
• Identifying opportunities to improve production efficiencies of poliovirus VLP
• recommending the steps to optimize the VLP production

The candidate should:
• have excellent research and writing skills
• be familiar with basic science on the development of VLP

Position: Data analysis
The GPEI uses a number of data sources and surveys to monitor progress and to track changes in polio campaign quality and immunization coverage. In view of accelerating eradication, it has become increasingly important to leverage all sources of data and to combine analysis from multiple data sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation on the ground in polio-affected countries.

The intern would work on the analysis of data such as LQAS, seroprevalence surveys, case data and surveillance data. Specifically, the intern will be responsible for:
• Processing the data and conducting data analysis
• Summarizing results in written form

The candidate should:
• be proficient in data analysis
• be thorough and detail-oriented
• have excellent written communication skills
• be currently enrolled in (or have completed) an advanced degree program in statistics, computer science, public health, or similar field.

Programme Operations and Cluster Management (PCM) Unit:
To provide management and administrative direction, support and capacity building and ensure accountability for the use of resources in support of polio eradication for WHO (at all levels) and across the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).

Position: Finance Intern
The Finance intern will work with members of the cluster management team to strengthen reporting, improve capacity and assist in the collection and preparation of financial data. In addition, the intern will work with PCM team members to develop ad hoc reports on an as needed basis.

A candidate should:
• have extensive knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Excel
• have good knowledge of iNet Soft would be an advantage
• be well-organized, thorough, and persistent, particularly in locating and compiling data
• be currently enrolled in (or have completed) an advanced degree program in business administration, public health with undergraduate degree in business administration, or a similar field

Strategy Support and Coordination (SSC) team:
The Strategy Support and Coordination (SSC) team oversees technical support for strategy implementation on behalf of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). SSC provides direct technical support to polio-priority countries; manages all outbreak response activities; and manages the global vaccine supply together with UNICEF Supply Division.

Position: Strategy Support and Coordination Intern
The Strategy Support and Coordination intern will work with and support members of the SSC team by organizing and updating internal and public guidelines and user guides. The role may change or evolve, depending upon the SSC team's requirements and priorities. At the end of the project, the intern will make a presentation and write a report, summarizing the completed duties.

The candidate should:
• have excellent writing and communication skills;
• have experience in designing and/or implementing a public health project;
• have experience with information management systems (Intranet, SharePoint and Shared drives);
• be well-organized, thorough, and persistent, particularly in locating and compiling data and text; and,
• be currently enrolled in (or have completed) an advanced degree program in public health, computer science, business administration, medicine or similar field.

Internship Terms
• Internships are completed at WHO's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The intern will be supervised by, and work closely with, specific team members.
• Interns are in charge of a specific project, performing qualitative and quantitative analysis, and summarizing findings to develop recommendations on assigned topics.
• Internships last for a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of three months.
• The Organization or the intern may end the internship before its completion, normally with one week's notice.
• An intern may participate only once in the WHO internship program.
• An intern must be a minimum of 20 years of age and enrolled in, or recently graduated from, a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral program as of Summer 2014, leading to a formal qualification.
• Persons related to a WHO staff member are not eligible for internships.
• An intern cannot be remunerated by WHO; he/she is responsible for all costs, including the costs of and arrangements for return travel to the office of assignment, visas, and accommodation, as well as related living expenses.

How to Apply
Interested applicants should e-mail their resume and a cover letter describing relevant experience and expertise to: with subject line: “Summer Internship 2014: (name of internship position)”.
• Applicants interested in multiple positions are asked to kindly send one email for each internship position they are interested in.
• Selected candidates will be contacted for further interview and assignments.
• Due to a large number of applications, we will contact only those candidates selected for interviews.
• Please, no calls or e-mails regarding the status of an application.

For further information, please also see WHO intern