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The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) is financed by a wide range of public and private donors, who help meet the costs of the Initiative’s eradication activities. The requirements for 2013-2019 are projected to be approximately US$ 7.0 billion.

The Financial Resource Requirements series (FRR) provides an overview of the external funding – required and currently available – to finance activities planned by the GPEI for the 2013-2019 period to eradicate all remaining polio disease – due to both wild and vaccine-related polioviruses and prepare for the post-eradication era in keeping with the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan 2013-2018 (PEESP) and its four Objectives.

The budgets that underpin the FRR are prepared jointly by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the national governments. The external funds to finance the activities primarily flow through WHO and UNICEF with funds for IPV introduction flowing through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The FRR provides an overview of 2016-2019 and the details for 2016. It is updated regularly, based on evolving epidemiology and available funding.

As of April 2016, the 2016-2019 GPEI budget estimates are US$ 3.864 billion for the major cost categories of the four Objectives of the PEESP. The budgets for each of Objective are overseen by the GPEI’s various oversight and management groups. For 2016, the requirements are US$ 1.393 billion.

Summary of External Resource Requirements, 2016-2019

On 25 April 2013 at the Global Vaccine Summit, global leaders, donor nations and polio-affected countries pledged over US$ 4 billion towards the Strategic Plan’s budget. Since then, the GPEI has continued to work with partners to convert the pledges into signed agreements and cash disbursements and to secure additional resources. For the period 2013-2019, the GPEI has received US$ 4.0 billion in contributions and is tracking US$ 1.7 billion in pledges/projections, which if fully realized would result in a funding gap of US$ 1.3 billion. To help mobilize contributions, the GPEI has developed the Investment Case. It showcases the broader benefits and innovations of the polio programme, what is at stake if the job is not finished and how the Initiative is working to ensure success.

Summary of confirmed funding against the Global Vaccine Summit commitments

2013: Calendar of planned activities and the corresponding budget details are provided below. 

Calendar of Supplementary Immunization Activities, 2016

       Details of external funding requirements by country, 2016

Social Mobilization costs by category and country, 2016

  Laboratory, surveillance (including security) and running costs by country and region, 2016
      Technical Assistance (including surge capacity by country and region, 2016


Cost Details for Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, 2016-2019*

*Available soon





2014 expenditures against the budget categories (included in the Annual Report 2014 (Page 31).

2013 expenditures against the budget categories

Financing news